What is PetScreening?

PetScreening is a simple and secure way to manage important information about your Pet or Assistance Animal. If you have No Pet or Animal you are required to complete the screening process at no charge ($0) to acknowledge applicable no pet policies. 
PLEASE NOTE: 3rd Party PetScreening.com Fees DO APPLY see restrictions! The pet application fee is $20-25 for the first pet and $15-20 for every additional pet. Each pet application must be processed separately but the discount will be automatically applied to additional pet applications.

There is no charge ($0) for submitting a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal. It will be reviewed by PETSCREENING legal review team per the FHAct guidelines. Please be aware of your state’s statutes or local ordinances, if any, for criminal offenses and/or penalties for committing assistance animal fraud. 

The following dogs are strictly prohibited:
Puppies under 1 year are NOT allowed unless crated when the owner(s) are not at home.
Pit Bulls, Chow, Rottweilers, Sharpel, Akita, Doberman, Mastiff, Presa Canario, Ovcharka, Fila Brasiliero,
Cane Corso, Beauceron, Wolf Hybrids or a mix of any of these breeds. 

Dog weight limit of 15- 25lb varies by property/owner.  We do not allow live in cages such as hamsters, rabbits, snakes or fish tanks (because of the contained water) other pet restrictions do apply.

Monthly pet fees vary by property.

On 1/29/2020, HUD released the rental housing industry’s long anticipated updated Notice on assistance animals in housing accommodations.
In this Notice, HUD has now adopted ADA’s guidelines pertaining to service animals in housing accommodations. This details the appropriate two-question review process specific to service animals. The Notice also maintains the FHAct’s guidelines for support animals and its distinctly different two-question and third-party documentation review process. Housing providers will now need to navigate the difference between service animals and support animals which includes a different permissible review process for each each type of animal.

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