I detect a gas smell, what should I do?
If you detect a gas leak smell, leave the home and call the gas company immediately OR call 911.

What should I do in an emergency?
In case of fire or flood or other major emergencies, please dial 911. All other non-emergencies can be reported by calling Benita Norman at (804) 339-6529.

My home needs maintenance. Who should I contact?
Please complete the maintenance request form and submit online for faster service. In addition, you call always call Benita Norman at (804) 339-6529.

I am a handyman. Can I repair the broken items myself and get reimbursed for repairs?
No. Please submit a maintenance request form. We will not reimburse for any repair work without prior approval.

Can I make upgrades or changes to the property?
Before doing any painting or any other cosmetic work at the house, please contact Benita Norman. We will need to contact the investor to get his/her approval and will need to know specifics, such as color choice and brand. If you paint something or change something without our approval, you will be charged to restore the house to its original condition.

Is the tenant responsible for repairs at his/her unit?
All normal wear and tear repairs are not tenant's responsibility. Any damage caused outside of normal wear and tear such as a broken window or holes in walls, soil carpets, not cleaning of the unit at move out are the tenant's responsibility. We will require a professional to do the repairs depending on what is damaged or the extent of the damage. Such repairs will be paid by the tenant directly or charged back or deducted from the security deposit (if move out).


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